Introducing Central IPN, a PicMeLive Service.

A PicMeLive service: Smartphones are everywhere. They are easy to use for high quality photographs and video. Almost all of the pictures and video that are taken by guests at events such as weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, corporate events and nights out on the town usually end up spread out over different Facebook and Instagram accounts. Our revolutionary application automatically uploads all of the pictures and video as they are taken by all of the different guests at an event and brings them all together into one webpage that everyone can view and share. For example, if 8 to 10 people are taking video and photographs at a wedding, the bride and groom may see a few of those pictures or videos, if they are tagged on Facebook. Our system gives the bride and groom a web page that lets them see all of the photographs and videos that all of their guests have taken. This webpage is represented by a link that can be emailed or texted to friends and relatives, so that everyone can see all of the high quality images that were taken by the guests at their wedding or event.